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The Bespoke Facial

From £350

Our Bespoke Facial offers all the benefits of our Egyptian Facial with an additional personalised element. Tailored to your skin’s individual needs, you’ll also receive a long-term treatment plan.

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Key information


 From £350

Time of procedure

60 minutes

Discomfort Level

1 to 2 depending on treatment


Minimal downtime

Average Sessions Required

Once per month, ongoing

Additional information

WHAT IS The Bespoke Facial?
HOW DOES The Bespoke Facial WORK?
What are the benefits?
What areas can be treated
Can it be used with other treatments?
What is the downtime?


This section aims to help address some key questions, but of course your practitioner will be able to answer all of your questions during the consultation

Can I use my normal skincare products following the Bespoke Facial?
Can the Bespoke Facial be done during pregnancy?
Can I wear makeup after the Bespoke Facial?

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