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Dermal Fillers

From £550 per syringe (depending on practitioner)

Our conservative approach to Dermal Fillers has earned us a discreet and loyal following, we pride ourselves on being the go-to clinic for a tasteful, subtle, age appropriate look.

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Please download our price guide HERE for full details. From £490 per syringe (depending on practitioner).

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Time of procedure

15 minutes

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Discomfort Level

1 out of 5

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Average Sessions Required

Once yearly

Additional information

WHAT are Dermal Fillers?
How do Dermal Fillers work?
What are the benefits?
What areas can be treated?
Can it be used with other treatments?
What is the downtime?


This section aims to help address some key questions, but of course your practitioner will be able to answer all of your questions during the consultation

Will my face shape change when I have dermal fillers, I'm worried about looking odd?
Can I have dermal fillers at the same time as anti-wrinkle injection treatments?
How long do dermal fillers last?
Can I add more dermal filler if I don't see the result I was hoping for?
Is there any aftercare to consider after dermal filler treatments?
Can I wear makeup after dermal filler treatments?
Can I wear my normal skincare after dermal filler treatments?