Tasty Banana-Based Ideas To Boost Your Health


Bananas contain Vitamin B6 and magnesium which help to promote better sleep.
Fibre, Vitamins A and C and potassium promote good digestion, prevent constipation and contribute to healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Here are our favourite ways to boost our banana intake;

1. Banana on toast with honey

A simple but tasty breakfast of sliced banana on wholemeal toast with honey ensures you get your day off to the right start.  Pair it with a nice cup of breakfast or herbal tea!

2. Chopped banana in cereal

Chop a whole banana into your morning cereal, granola or muesli for a quick and easy way to increase your fibre.

3. Banana Split

Banana Split is a favourite childhood dessert for many - I suppose at least it's a base of fruit.  You can clean this usually indulgent dessert up by substituting the ice cream for frozen yoghurt, and the raspberry sauce for homemade raspberry coulis (just blitz fresh or frozen raspberries with a bit of icing sugar).

4. Caramelised roast banana

Roast bananas in tin foil with a drizzle of honey and a light sprinkling of brown sugar.  Serve with fresh or frozen yoghurt (or ice cream if you're on a treat day!).  This one works just as well on a barbecue, and I'm sure the good weather is just around the corner now!

5. Banoffee pie

One of the easiest homemade desserts to make, and minimal cooking required.  We like this recipe for Banoffee Pie.

6. Smoothie

Bananas make a great base for smoothies, they work really well with strawberries, blueberries and mango.

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