Seven Tips To Improving Your Overall Skin Health


As our skin is our largest organ, it’s absolutely crucial we take care of it as best we can, and this goes much further than just sticking to a skincare regime morning and night. Read on to discover our best advice for ensuring your skin is looking, and functioning its best…

1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated

Ensuring your skin is well hydrated from the inside by drinking plenty of water is one of the best tips there is. “Getting sufficient hydration on a daily basis is very important for the skin’s health, both short and long term,” says Dr David. “Short term, it keeps the blood flow to the skin at optimum levels for delivery of antioxidants and the removal of toxins from the dermis. It also optimises cellular function as well as keeping the skin looking plump and healthy. Longer term, improved blood flow and hydration have important effects on the overall metabolism of the skin which reduces cellular ageing, improves collagen and elastic deposition and reduces the effects of oxidative stress,” he adds. Try aiming for around 6-8 glasses a day.

2. Eat Consciously

Another effective way we can have a positive impact on our skin is by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Dr David advises to think green, colourful and plant-based as these are all rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins which can really help to feed our skin with the nutrients it needs. Foods with vitamin C (like oranges, berries and broccoli) are particularly beneficial since they help to stimulate collagen, and leafy greens (such as spinach and broccoli) contain high levels of chlorophyll which is a potent antioxidant which can help with hydration, fighting damage and elasticity. “Eating good sources of protein with high amino acids such as lean meat, fish, dairy and grains is also vital in supporting our skin’s structure and collagen production,” says David.

After a weekend of indulgent food or perhaps too much alcohol, you may notice your skin looking a little lacklustre or perhaps you spy a few new breakouts. This is because processed foods and those which are high in sugar can cause inflammation. “When glucose (or sugar) molecules bind to proteins in our skin in a process known as glycation, it causes the proteins to change and an inflammatory reaction is initiated,” warns David. “This can also cause a breakdown of collagen,” he adds. So where possible, try to eat a diet rich in whole foods and keep processed foods to a minimum.

3. Always Wear An SPF

SPF is a well-known rule when it comes to skincare, but are you doing this religiously every day? If not, you should be. “UV light is the single biggest cause of damage to the skin and UV light can really accelerate skin ageing,” says David. You may not think you need to wear SPF, particularly in the winter months, but UV light is present whenever the sun is shining so yes, that’s every day. “UVA which is the light that penetrates through clouds and glass and does not generally cause sunburn - that’s UVB - is often known as the ‘silent killer’ as its effects penetrate much deeper into the skin,” he adds. “It can cause damage to both DNA and other structural molecules such as collagen and elastin.” This can result in the appearance of sagging and not-so plump looking skin as well as fine lines and deeper set wrinkles. Over time, UV exposure also increases the risk of almost all types of skin cancer. If you’re yet to find an SPF that suits you skin and sits well under makeup, our All Day Long! Daily Moisturiser with SPF50 is super lightweight, easily absorbed, no white cast and suitable for all skin types. You can even expect a subtle glow.

4. Consider Supplementation

You may be eating a balanced diet and following a well-thought out skincare regime but supporting your skin from the inside with an oral supplement can really help. They’re a really easy way of getting am extra hit of vitamins and skin-friendly nutrients which can bring a number of different benefits. When looking for a new supplement, David recommends looking for those containing vitamin C, vitamin A derivatives, vitamin E and D and Omega 3 as these all have scientifically-backed and proven positive effects on the skin. We have seven different supplements depending on your personal needs, but our skin-specific ones include our Skinfusion for optimising skin function and repair,  BeauTea which is a calming evening tea packed with antioxidants, Skinshake for a daily skin boost and our Skin + Hair + Nails for three beauty benefits in one.

5. Prioritise Your Sleep


Ever wondered why it’s called beauty sleep? Well this is because our skin is most active when we are asleep as it uses this time to repair and regenerate. If we’re not getting enough, we will often see signs of this in our skin such as bags under of eyes and general dullness. “Getting a good amount of sleep not only helps to balance our hormones and reduce stress but it also has important physiological functions when it comes to the skin,” adds David. If you have trouble drifting off, try our Sweet Dreams supplement before bed which uses zinc and magnesium to induce a healthy sleep pattern.

6. Do Not Overlook Stress

working stress

There’s no denying 2020 has been a stressful year for many but did you know this spike in stress levels could also be to blame for noticeable changes in your skin too? (That and the dreaded maskne of course). “Stress of any kind causes increased levels of cortisol production which can in turn exacerbate skin concerns such as breakouts, premature ageing, eczema and psoriasis,” says David. Our top tips for stress? Especially at the moment, be kind to yourself and take some time to do things you enjoy. This could be getting out for a walk first thing or perhaps doing some yoga or taking a relaxing bath.

7. Invest In Professional Treatments

So you’ve mastered all of the above steps but do you go for regular professional-grade treatments? A healthy and balanced diet alongside good at-home and external expert care means your skin really will be performing its best. Investing in treatments with a dermatologist or skincare expert allows your skin to have exposure to high strength ingredients and clinical standard technologies which can kickstart renewal and repair as well as targeting specific concerns by working at a deeper level. From chemical peels, micro needling and dermaplaning to radio frequency, laser treatments and even our unique Theraclear acne treatment, check out our treatment menu to find out how we can help you achieve your best-ever skin.

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