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TrichoCell Therapy

£350 per session (£1800 for a course of six sessions)

TrichoCell Therapy uses CALECIM® Professional for an innovative solution to combatting hair loss, offering a scientifically-formulated and effective approach to restoring and maintaining healthy hair.

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Key information

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Please download our price guide HERE for full details. £350 per session.

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Time of procedure

30 minutes

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Discomfort level

1 out of 5

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Low level of redness on the hairline up to 24h 

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Average Sessions Required

One session per week for a six week duration is recommended

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WHAT IS TrichoCell?
HOW DOES TrichoCell Work?
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What areas can be treated?
Can it be used with other treatments?
What is the downtime?
When can I expect to see results?
Can TrichoCell be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

TrichoCell Transformations

TrichoCell Before
TrichoCell After

A study was carried out by CALECIM® Advanced Hair System and at week 6 of treatment, all patients had objective improvement in hair density and coverage and all patients reported that they felt improvement in hair quality and coverage as well.

Dr. David Jack