Four Expert Tips For Creating A Skincare Routine That Works


The secret to good skin lies within finding a routine that works and sticking to it, but with the skincare market overflowing with products and ingredients, it’s no wonder so many of us are left feeling a little overwhelmed. Read on to discover the simple steps every skin type should be taking to ensure it’s functioning and looking its best… 

1. Keep It Simple 

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to skincare is overloading your skin with too many products. Instead, Dr David is a huge advocate of keeping it simple and opting for a more stripped-back skincare routine, so much so that his product range was created with this in mind. That’s why you’ll only find a small, but well-thought out, edit of products including an antioxidant serum, daily SPF, a night cream and a trio of peels each targeted at combatting three main skin concerns. While it can be tempting to use an array of different products, if you’re using an antioxidant and SPF during the day, a retinol at night and a weekly (or bi-weekly) treatment there will be no need for anything else. His All You Need! saver kit is the perfect place to start, and will maintain your skin with all the key actives you need from morning to night.

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    2. Consistency Is Key

    They do say ‘good things come to those who wait’ and this is entirely true when it comes to skincare. Having a consistent daily skincare routine brings a multitude of benefits. “Most active ingredients take a while to work meaning that longer term benefits such as reducing signs of ageing and other damage comes only with continued use and patience,” says David. A regular routine also means you can use optimal levels of key ingredients to achieve maximum results. “Regular use of ingredients such as acids and retinol means you are less likely to over exfoliate or experience any irritation,” adds David. Lastly, a consistent daily skincare routine will also help to maintain the skin’s pH at optimum levels which helps to reduce issues such as sensitivity, redness or breakouts. This is another reason why you would want to avoid using too many products and ensure you are using ones which won’t irritate or strip your skin.

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    3. Use Active Ingredients

      “Active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol and AHAs bring both short and long term benefits,” adds Dr David who says they deserve a place in everyone’s routine. “Short term, the majority of active ingredients have some exfoliating effects and can brighten the skin as well as helping to balance irritation, inflammation and protect the skin against damage,” he adds. “Longer term they can help change or improve the overall physiology of the skin. After cleansing, every skin type should look to use an antioxidant serum (try our Good Morning! Vitamin C Serum) to protect your skin against daily damage,” says Dr David. At night, following a double cleanse to wash away SPF, makeup and other impurities from the day, Dr David suggests a night-time moisturiser (such as the Good Night! Night Cream) with retinol since this brings many benefits to the skin including tackling acne, pigmentation, dullness and ageing. “Night creams are richer than day creams since your skin renews itself quicker at night with increased rates of cell division and sebum production,” he adds. Masks and peels certainly have their place in your routine too as they do a great job of providing a deeper and more targeted treatment which will help to supercharge the efficacy of the rest of your regime. Our Face Paints have each been specially formulated to provide clinical-grade results from the comfort of your home - a particular benefit in light of this year’s challenges. The Yellow Face Peel works to fight pigmentation and even out skin tone with a blend of mandelic acid, vitamin C and retinol. The Blue Face Peel helps to treat dry and sensitive skin with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and azelaic acid and the Red is packed with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid to help with breakouts and congestion.

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      4. Always Wear SPF

        Hands down the most crucial step in any skincare regime is the use of SPF - regardless of the weather and time of year. “SPF is the most vital and only essential skincare product for any skin type,” says Dr David. “If you were stranded on a desert island, this would be an absolute must,” he adds. This can be easily slotted into your morning routine and should follow your antioxidant serum and be the last step before makeup. Our All Day Long! Daily Moisturiser With SPF 50 is a physical sunscreen which has been clinically proven to protect your skin against UV rays and with daily, consistent use can really help to prevent unwanted signs of ageing such as fine lines, pigmentation and other imperfections. If you’re going to take away one piece of advice about the perfect skincare regime, make it this one.

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