Five Health Benefits of Vitamin C


Five Health Benefits of Vitamin C

  1. Immunity From Infection
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Lowers Stress
  4. Improves Skin Health
  5. Improves Strength & Appearance Of Hair

Vitamin C offers a multitude of benefits.  Fortunately, the deficiency is rare because Vitamin C appears naturally in so many food sources.  Foods high in Vitamin C include; oranges, red/green peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes.

Here are just five health benefits of Vitamin C:

Immunity From Infection

Vitamin C Oranges
Vitamin C offers much-needed protection against infections.  Vitamin C improves the body's ability to absorb iron which helps fight infection.

Weight Loss 

Weight Loss Fruit and Vegtables

Eating Vitamin C lowers insulin, so instead of storing sugar and converting it to fat, it uses it as fuel.  This can lead to weight loss.

Lowers Stress

Vitamin C reduces levels of hormones and cortisol enabling you to feel less stressed.

Improves Skin Health

Supplement Drink

Vitamin C is required to produce collagen which firms and tones the skin - deficiency can make skin appear dull and lifeless. Collagen also rejuvenates the skin from the roots and reduces wrinkles and appearance of aging.  Vitamin C also increases elastin, which makes for thicker skin that can retain more moisture, thus making skin appear plumper.

Vitamin C helps the skin protect itself from UV rays, as well as helping the skin to replace damaged tissue.

Improves Strength & Appearance Of Hair

Vitamin C liquid in a bottle
Healthy hair, like skin, starts from within.  A healthy diet with plenty of Vitamin C will lead to stronger hair with fewer split ends.

Our Top Five Ways To Increase Vitamin C 

  1. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, daily. You can also add it to your daily juicing protocol.

  2. Baked potatoes - the easiest of mid-week suppers, filling and nutritious - especially when served with a side salad.

  3. Stir-fried broccoli with garlic - serve as a side to steak or grilled chicken.

  4. Stuffed peppers - cook up some rice or couscous, flavor with lemon, herbs, onion, and garlic and stuff inside whole bell peppers to roast.  Red and green varieties are the best for Vitamin C.

  5. Macerated strawberries - sliced strawberries, sprinkle over the sugar, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and leave in the fridge overnight.  The strawberries will soften and the vinegar will become almost like syrup.  Serve with frozen yogurt and a sprig of mint.