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ExoTech Exosome Therapy

From £580 per session

ExoTech Exosome Therapy utilises the latest innovation in regenerative technology to deliver a cutting-edge anti-ageing treatment designed to improve skin tone and texture, while addressing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exosomes are believed to increase collagen production in the dermis by up to 700% over the course of several months.

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Please download our price guide HERE for full details. From £580 per session (varies with areas and practitioner). From £1600 for a course of 3 sessions.

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Time of procedure

30 minutes

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Discomfort level

1 out of 5 

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Up to 48 hours. Some Redness immediately after and minor swelling may occur. 

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Average Sessions Required

3 sessions, 2 weeks apart

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ExoTech Transformations

Before ExoTech Therapy
After ExoTech Therapy

A truly groundbreaking treatment for patients seeking an overall skin rejuvenation boost or for those looking to smooth, improve and brighten dull skin or an uneven texture. Over the course of 3 sessions this regenerative therapy can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also minimising the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation

Dr. David Jack