Sculpt, Firm, Lift
Dr. Jo’s Exclusive Body Edits

Available March & April 2023

When it comes to body treatments, we often see patients who are comfortable with their facial skincare and treatment regime, but are less sure about where to begin with improving and enhancing the skin below the neck.

Dr. Jo Mennie, whose particular area of expertise is non-surgical body contouring, has devised two exclusive and limited-edition treatment plans to sculpt, firm and lift both your skin and your confidence, in time for the summer months ahead.

The Smooth Operator

A course of 3 Morpheus8 Body Sessions

£3000 (usually £3500)

The Dynamic Duo

A course of 3 Morpheus8 Body treatments, optimised with
3 x Profhilo Body Treatments

£4500 (usually £5420)

The ultimate plan for optimal body results, Profhilo Body works synergistically with Morpheus8 to enhance skin firming and tightening whilst improving the overall quality of the skin, for smoother, brighter and longer-lasting results. The combination of profhilo at the same time as Morpheus8 enhances overall results by stimulating the skin’s fibroblast cells both mechanically and chemically, to boost not only collagen levels but also elastin - improving the skin’s elastic recoil.