Lunar Veil
Lunar Veil
Lunar Veil
Lunar Veil
Lunar Veil
Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Lunar Veil

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An eye mask like no other, Lunar Veil is meticulously crafted from 100% mulberry silk, blocks out all light and distractions while protecting and de-creasing the delicate skin around the eyes.

Dive into a luxurious sleep experience with our new gateway to undisturbed nights and revitalised mornings.

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"Adopting better 'sleep hygiene' habits, has been enormously effective for regulating and improving my own sleep, so I’m thrilled to bring another natural sleep remedy to the market.”

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In a world of increasing light pollution and tech distractions, quality sleep is becoming an elusive luxury. Dr. David Jack’s holistic approach to wellbeing has always emphasised the paramount importance of proper rest on all aspects of health. His full coverage eye mask combines luxury, skincare and science; designed to revitalise mornings and enhance daily performance with an every night promise of waking up renewed, rested, and ready to conquer the day.

"Restful sleep isn't a luxury, it's a necessity - for cognitive and immune function, through to hormone regulation and collagen production.

Meticulously designed to block out light and all distractions, My eye mask is your passport to deep, refreshing sleep. Invest in rest, wake up renewed. Your day begins with a good night's sleep- make it count with this luxurious sleep mask." - Dr. Jack

✔ 100% Mulberry Silk: Experience the pure luxury and softness of high-quality mulberry silk, known for its gentle touch, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties, that protect and de-crease the delicate skin around the eyes.
✔ Total Coverage for 100% Light Blocking: The Lunar Veil promises complete darkness, ensuring that even the slightest glimmer of external light won’t disrupt your sleep.
✔ Fully Adjustable Strap: Say goodbye to discomfort. This mask adjusts seamlessly to fit any head size, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit for all.
✔ Wrap-Around Skin and Hair Protection: Unlike traditional masks, Lunar Veil offers protection that goes beyond the eyes. The mulberry silk prevents friction, thus reducing the risk of hair breakage and skin irritation.
✔ 100% Washable: Sleep hygiene is vital. The Lunar Veil can be safely washed, ensuring a fresh and clean experience night after night.

100% mulberry silk


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