About Us

About David Jack

Dr. David Jack is a leading London based aesthetic doctor, with an interest in skin health and anti-ageing.
'Having spent many years working in plastic surgery, I designed my Integrative Beauty products to address the growing demand for high quality skin health products that actually work and have a firm evidence base. I believe strongly that healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body within, so created this simple three step line with a dual mechanism of delivery, both topically with high strength, evidence based active antioxidant skincare preparations, and orally with antioxidant and super food based supplements.'
'My personal interest in this field comes from the concept of integrative medicine, where lifestyle, exercise, diet and evidence based medical approaches are all used and combined to create the best possible internal environment to support a healthy body. This, when applied to skin and beauty, is the best way tor everyone to have the best skin possible.'

- Dr. David Jack, Founder

Brand Philosophy 

We are primarily a skin health brand which aims to boost the skin from both inside and outside. 

“Treating the skin holistically as a unique organ that is exposed to and influenced by both the internal body environment, and the outside environment. I want the brand to be both luxurious and scientific, with an emphasis on scientific evidence based ingredients and also a sensible, straightforward approach that encourages users to consider why they are taking and using what they are and eliminating excessive unnecessary products” says Dr David Jack the young dynamic owner/founder who is very passionate about what he does.

There is also a constant endeavour from the team behind this brand to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, inclusive and gender-neutral. 

As a doctor-led brand, David wants to represent a sensible, balanced voice in the industry, free from fads and trends and focusing on products that are considered and beneficial, rather than purely to augment the product range to sell more.  The brand is holistic in its approach, considering the whole person in terms of lifestyle, diet and skincare for the best outcomes long term. 


Brand Mission

Our brand is one of the only doctor-led skincare brands that aims to bring the idea of internal health and skincare together with one unified daily routine incorporating both topical skincare and supplements with equal weighting. Unlike most other brands, it simplifies topical skincare to a simple three step daily routine and encourages the user to be aware of their internal health and how this relates to the health of the skin. In a highly competitive global market that confuses the consumer, David Jack’s mission is to bring a simplistic 360 wellness approach thus rewriting the book on skincare by closing the gap on the myth that topical skincare is the answer.

Our Vision

To see the brand evolve by educating our consumers/ the world on the importance of supplementation for the skin. Dr David Jack is a visionary and understands the importance of engaging with the brand’s loyal customers and he envisages the brand to become a global brand and a credible authority in the skincare, wellness and skin health world.


Recognized By


"There is little Dr David Jack doesn't do. He has a robust line of products - his all-day-long and good night creams are fantastic. He runs the Facial Bar at Neville Hair and Beauty on Pont Street - a one-stop shop for hydration and glow. He also has a discreet Harley Street practice, as well as working out of a clinic in Edinburgh one day a month. An aesthetic doctor - as is expected of anyone with a practice located in the heart of plastic surgery in London - he offers dermal fillers, injections, micro-needling, chemical peels and others. Dr Jack lives and breathes this world of aesthetics and is often the first to bring new cutting-edge technologies to London."