The Egyptian Facial™

The Egyptian facial™, featured in The Daily Mail, Grazia and Stylist Magazine, is one of Dr. Jack’s signature facial treatments. It comprises of 3 steps: a gentle facial peel, dermaplaning (or facial shaving) and then a vitamin facial.

Face shaving or dermaplaning is a technique which has been around for centuries and recently has been gaining popularity recently in the beauty industry. It is believed that Cleopatra maintained her even complexion by regular milk and fruit acid peels combined with face shaving. In London, Dr. David Jack has reintroduced this ancient technique in his clinic as a means of resurfacing and refining the skin of the face and neck. This treatment, which takes around 30-45 minutes involves the use of a fruit based glycolic acid peel, combined with salycylic and mandelic acid, and then gently shaving the top layer of the skin. This exfoliation technique removes the waterproof upper layers of the skin to allow penetration and absorption of a series of anti-ageing advanced vitamin serums which are then applied to the skin.

After the treatment it is expected that the face may be a little red and dry for a few days so it is important to use plenty of moisturiser, vitamin serums and SPF for at least 5 days after the treatment. This facial can be done without the chemical peel component for those who have sensitivity to chemical peels with a good effect, mimicing that of a chemical peel alone.

What to expect afterwards: increased glow to the skin, evening of complexion, reduction of hyperpigmentation, improved skin tone, reduction of ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hair – but no risk of hair growing back thicker or darker.

How often can it be done? Recommended once every 1-2 skin cycles (approximately 6-12 weeks)

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