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Packed with superfoods including; milk thistle, yerba mate, fennel, dandelion root, cinnamon and ceremonial grade organic matcha, my BeauTea tea is designed to enhance the complexion from within, delivering antioxidants in a calming evening tea. Each of the ingredients have been carefully selected for their individual benefits, including liver and gallbladder support. Drink in the evening.


BeauTea is an advanced beauty tea, containing a blend of carefully curated ingredients to help support the skin and complexion from within. Each of the ingredients have been carefully selected for a delicious and calming drink.


Drink in the evening before or after food. Mix 5g (5 x 1g scoop) with hot water. Recommended dose: 1-2 servings per day. Do not exceed stated dose. This product is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Cinnamon, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Fennel, Milk Thistle, Yerba Mate, Matcha Green Tea, Potato Starch


Delivers a high dose of antioxidant directly to skin surface.
Reduces pigmentation abnormalities.
Repairs and corrects DNA damage to skin cells after sun damage.
Encourages cell turnover and skin brightness.