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  • Magic Mushrooms

    If you’ve been watching Gwyneth Paltrow’s series on Netflix which launched earlier this year you might have caught the episode on psychedelics, in which several of her team members were packed off to Jamaica on a psilocybin retreat. This magic mushroom, along with ayahuasca, has become one of th... View Post
  • Blue Light and Skin Damage

    With most of us now fully reliant on screen based devices just to get through our daily lives, to run our businesses and now even for our connection with the outside world, should we be concerned about the effects on our skin from the light they emit? LED-based computer screens, TVs, tablets, sma... View Post
  • Vitamin C : 101

    Since the concept of active skincare began to gain popularity in the late 90s, the ingredient that has remained a firm staple to this day is Vitamin C. A real master of all, Vitamin C is an antioxidant, collagen stimulator, pigment reducer and altogether good guy when it comes to the skin. Vita... View Post
  • Stressed skin? - what does this mean and what on earth can I do about it?!

    Oxidative StressOxidative stress relates to the creation of ‘free radicals’ in the skin, which are molecules that can damage DNA. Many things can stimulate oxidative stress, including UV radiation from the sun, hypoxia (low oxygen levels) related to smoking and inflammation, for example. Oxidativ... View Post
  • Skincare trends for 2020 and beyond

    We are now in 2020 and in this past decade there have been monumental shifts in almost every industry but particularly for the ones who are active in the health, well-being, and skincare realms. The changes have been rapidly innovative and far-reaching, especially with social and digital media pl... View Post
  • The Peril of UV: SUNBURN, a guide by Dr. David Jack

    Sunburn is essentially a radiation burn to the skin from UV rays from the sun. The depth of the burn depends on the time and exposure to the sun - mostly it would be a superficial depth burn (in America this would be described as first or second degree), which causes erythema (redness due to incr... View Post