What You Need To Know About Vitamin A

As with all vitamins and minerals, Vitamin A offers multiple benefits in the body including assisting with organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys.  Vitamin A is the third most common vitamin deficiency in the world, however deficiency is much less common in the West.

Vitamin A in Pregnancy - Women who are pregnant may be interested to know that Vitamin A is particularly important due to its role in assisting with the vital organs, and also at the point of birth when it can help with postpartum tissue repair.

Vitamin A for Healthy Eyes - Vitamin A includes the compounds retinol and retinal which literally helps the retina in your eye to see.  A deficiency of Vitamin A would affect the eyesight, usually starting with night blindness.

Vitamin A for Bones - As well as ensuring a healthy intake of Vitamin A, you can also walk or run daily to help strengthen bones.  Include plenty of leafy green vegetables like kale into your diet. Get plenty of Vitamin D, hello summer holiday, and drink green tea.

Vitamin A for Skin Health - Vitamin A helps to keep skin moist so stops it from drying out and becoming bumpy.  It also frees the bodies of toxins which can damage skin. Vitamin A is also useful for treating skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis.

Vitamin A can be found in many foods, those highest in Vitamin A include; sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy vegetables, lettuce, eggs and fish.

A great way to increase your Vitamin A intake is with a 'Buddha Bowl' - a huge bowl of vibrant and green veggies.  Check out Instagram and Pinterest for Buddha Bowl inspiration - we love the Mexican inspired version.

Applying a face cream with Vitamin A at night will help to increase the skin related benefits.

As always we encourage both as beauty starts from within.
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