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  • Do We Really Need Supplements for Healthy Skin and Body?

    We are all aware by now that our skin is actually an organ – the largest organ in our body in fact – and hence the state of our skin can be a great reflection of what’s going on internally.  Skin Care is important, but what we really need, if we are serious about looking – and feeling – good is t... View Post
  • Sleep: How much do we need and how do we get it?

    Sleep is vital to our wellbeing, yet few of us actually make those hours of rest a priority.

    Like good diet and exercise, the hours you spend in slumber is a critical component to overall health. 

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  • Five reasons regular exercise will improve your skin

    Many of us work on our fitness to shed a few pounds, to build strength or maybe to complete a physical challenge. But one of the unexpected – and welcome – side effects turns out to be a glowing complexion.

    That’s because regular exercise is one of the keys to healthy skin.

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  • What are adaptogens and why should I take them?

    They have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine, as part of Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, but the Western world is finally starting to catch on.

    Our oral supplements BeauTea and SkinShake harness the health benefits of two very powerful adaptogens.

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  • Juicing for your skin

    Juicing is drinking pure nutrition. While it’s important to eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables in our daily diet, the nutrients go straight into the bloodstream when delivered in juice form.

    Here we reveal the best ingredients to juice for a healthier complexion.

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  • Oral supplements for ageing skin

    The skin, like any other organ, is subject to dietary related effects. A better diet can improve skin health and age-related changes.

    With this in mind, let's explore some of the roles of various vitamins and other molecules present in the oral supplements in the Integrative Beauty range.

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