Silhouette Soft Lift

Silhouette soft lift is also known as the 30 minute face lift, a revolutionary treatment, it is a great alternative to traditional face lift methods for those who are afraid of going ‘under the knife’.

Silhouette soft lift is performed under a local anesthesia and there’s no need for a scalpel or general anaesthetic.

How does Silhouette soft lift work?

Silhouette soft lift uses dis solving sutures which are placed under the skin with bi directional cones for support. This makes it possible to lift skin that may have sagged or drooped in the upper, mid and lower face and neck and stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the skin.

What can you expect?

Silhouette soft lift is carried out by Dr. Jack under local anaesthetic. The areas which are to be treated are numbed by using a local aesthetic to make patients more comfortable during the procedure.

Once the skin is numbed the skin is then cleaned with antiseptic and Dr. Jack can start the treatment. The lifting threads are now inserted along the necessary direction of lifting and the skin is manipulated to create the results you are looking for.

Silhouette soft lift only leaves minimal needle marks which heal completely with in a matter of days. Some patients may be able to feel the cones under the skin but they are not visible. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and there is little down time needed afterwards.

Patients will be given antibiotics to take after the treatment to minimise any risk of infection, but this is usually just a five day course.

What are the effects?

The effects are immediate and regeneration of collagen increases over the following months. The skin is lifted, looking tighter, smoother and younger. The results last around 18 months, many patients repeat the procedure after this time to maintain the results.

What about after care?

Patients don’t usually need to take much time to rest if any to after a Silhouette soft lift treatment and it is suitable to be done as a ‘lunch hour’ treatment.

Patients are advised not to have any dental of facial treatments in the first week following the treatment and contact sports should also be avoided for this time.

As mentioned above a course of antibiotic may be prescribed to avoid infection, but otherwise patients are able to continue as normal following a Silhouette soft lift treatment.

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Clients say– ‘I have visited Dr. Jack a week ago and I am really happy with the results, my face looks very relaxed and natural.
Dr. Jack is very approachable and as soon as I met him I could tell straight away that he was the right choice, but a week after the treatment I can confirm that he really is a great professional. The clinic is also in a lovely location and very discreet.’ – Alan

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