Platelet Rich Plasma

Nick named the ‘vampire facelift’, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) might sound frightening but the results are fantastic! Created to rejuvenate the skin, PRP uses the body’s own regenerative chemicals to enhance the appearance and works particularly well on the thin under eye skin which can become dark and puffy.

What is PRP?

PRP uses your own blood in the treatment. A small amount of blood is taken and spun to separate it into its different components. The platelet-rich part containing large amounts of regenerative and healing molecules is separated and used. It is then injected into the skin, causing the body to create new collagen and elastin, which are key to young looking skin.

PRP can also help with wound healing and also stimulating hair growth in those who have thinning hair.

What are the benefits?

With use of PRP, the dermis is thickened, creating a younger appearance, the skin under the eyes is rejuvenated and fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. One of the most appealing aspects of PRP is that no artificial chemicals or toxins are used, just your own blood which has been treated and re-injected into your body.

Combined with dermaroller and mesotherpy, PRP can optimise the delivery of hydration and nutrients to the skin. The results are at their best around 6 weeks after a series of 3 treatments over an 18 week period.

PRP can also be used as a hair treatment to help with hair loss and thinning. PRP can be injected into the scalp where it will stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth in areas of hair loss or thinning hair.

Dr. Jack offers PRP in his Knightsbridge clinic and welcomes all enquiries regarding this treatment. If you’re interested in PRP get in touch today, you can see prices here

Clients say- ‘The whole experience was perfect, instantly felt at ease and left with a very natural result. Will be visiting again!’- Amy

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