Dr. Jack offers chemical peels at his Harley Street London clinic. Peels work to exfoliate the layers of dead skin cells and stimulate the process of cell renewal. The result is brighter and healthier skin.

Skin can become dull and sometimes needs some TLC. Facial peels can be exactly what are needed to make dull skin look younger and brighter again and enhance the effectiveness of anti-ageing skincare products on the skin.

Dr. Jack offers the latest facial peels developed by Neostrata. With a blend of Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Gluconolactone, the peel is the most effective on the market with patients seeing excellent results.

Dr. Jack recommends a course of three peels to achieve the best results. Peels do cause initial redness but the results are well worth it and the initial effect doesn’t last long.

Interested in peels with Dr. Jack? Get in touch to book a consultation or to find out more. For prices click here

Clients say- ‘Overall I cannot rate Dr Jack highly enough! Lovely little clinic is in a very handy location. Dr Jack makes you feel super comfortable while giving you a friendly yet professional consultation and treatment. I found Dr Jack through a friend. Always trust ‘Word of Mouth’.’ – Niru

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