Minor skin surgery

Alongside cosmetic treatments Dr. Jack also offers a variety of minor surgical procedures all of which are carried out under a local anaesthetic.

The treatments offers at the Knightsbridge clinic include-

– Lipoma removal

A Lipoma is a soft fatty lump that grows under the skin, whilst it is harmless and can be left without issues, many people choose to have them removed due to feeling self-conscious or unhappy with the appearance of the Lipoma or they may cause discomfort if they are in an awkward position.

The removal of a Lipoma is a simple procedure, using minimally invasive minor surgery techniques, resulting in insignificant pain and minimum scaring.

– Benign mole removal

The average adult has between 10 and 40 moles on their body. For some this is a positive and we like the variation in our skin, for others moles are unattractive and something we are self conscious of.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of a mole it is possible to have it removed and Dr. Jack provides this minor surgical procedure.

– Skin tag removal

Skin tags are soft lumps that are attached to the skin. They are very common and usually completely harmless, but if you have a skin tag you may not like the look of it or it could be a little uncomfortable.

Skin tags are most common on the eyelids, neck, underarms and under the breasts.

Dr. Jack offers skin tag removal to those who have developed a skin tag and are unhappy with the way it looks.

– Sebaceous cyst removal

A Sebaceous cyst is a non-cancerous cyst formed from oil glands on the skin. They are mostly found on the face, neck and torso, although can occur anywhere on the body.

Although not worrying, a cyst can grow and become uncomfortable if left untreated. Dr. Jack provides cyst removal under a local anaesthetic that will completely remove a cyst.

– Split earlobe repair

Torn and split earlobes can occur due to trauma, wearing heavy jewellery, or purposely stretching the lobe (which has become increasing popular over the last ten years).

Dr. Jack can repair split earlobes under a local anaesthetic, closing the split and returning the ear to a more ‘normal’ appearance.

– Scar treatments (including steroid injection/scar revision)

For some of us the scars we suffer in our life time make us feel self-conscious and some of us can go to great lengths to conceal scars. Dr. Jack provides treatments to remove and help improve the appearance of scars.

Dr. Jack offers steroid injections for scars and scar revision.

Interested in minor surgical treatments with Dr. Jack? Get in touch today to discuss your needs further or book in for a consultation!

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