Lip Enhancement

Full lips are often desirable. Some of us will naturally have thin lips and many will lose fullness as we age. For some thinner lips suit our faces perfectly well, for others fuller lips could enhance our appearance and compliment our features.

Dr. Jack provides lip enhancement and lip augmentation. Using hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, Dr. Jack can enhance the shape and volume of the lips, giving a balanced and natural looking fullness. Part of the ageing process means fullness can be lost as we grow older, fillers can be used to enhance and restore the fullness lost.

Dr. Jack typically treats both upper and lower lips to avoid an unnatural look, always striving for lips to look full but natural without creating the notorious ‘trout-pout’ that are frequently seen on celebrities who had their lips overdone.

Dr. Jack favours Juvederm ULTRA® smile which provides his patients great results. He also recommends the use of Botox to enhance the lips further, used to reduce the lines above the upper lips.

Interested in lip enhancement? Book in for a consultation today or have a look at the prices page for price guide lines here

Clients say- ‘ Had my lips done yesterday, Love them was a lovely place and lovely guy. Lips look very natural and minimal swelling/ bruising. Will defiantly go back’ – Dani

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