Dermal Fillers

Unfortunately for all of us ageing is inevitable and as our skin becomes older the signs of ageing begin to emerge. Volume loss in the face can dramatically change our overall appearance, causing a thinner and drooping look with deep lines and hollows causing shadowing in the face where we don’t want it!

We all want to grow old gracefully don’t we? In order to do so sometimes a helping hand might be needed. It is possible to replace the lost facial volume and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles using dermal fillers. So how can dermal fillers help?

Dermal fillers are excellent for treatment of volume loss and deep lines, helping to reduce the common signs of ageing. The areas of the face they can help with include:

  • The lines between the nose and the mouth, known as the ‘Nasolabial folds’
  • The grooves found between the corners of the mouth and chin, known as ‘Marionette lines’
  • Lines in the forehead
  • Replacing lost volume on the cheekbones, jaw line and chin
  • Improved the hollows below the eyes, known as the ‘Tear troughs’

Dr. Jack uses Hyaluronic acid based fillers which are made of a naturally occurring chemical found in the skin. Using dermal fillers, Dr. Jack is able to replace the lost volume which in turn helps to smooth out and plump up the face as it would have been earlier in life.

Using the highest quality fillers on the market, including Juvéderm ULTRA, Dr. Jack can reduce the signs of ageing to the face.

Dr. Jack knows that these procedures can seem a little daunting to those who haven’t experienced them before. That’s why he is completely clear about the procedure to help put you at ease, always providing a full consultation before hand to ensure that the results you want are achieved.

Read on to find out more about dermal fillers with Dr. Jack at his Harley Street London clinic and what to expect-

What does having dermal fillers involve?

After the consultation with Dr. Jack if you decide to proceed with the treatment this is what you can expect-

  • Your chosen area to improve will be numbed with local anaesthetic cream to reduce discomfort
  • After 15-30 minutes the area should be numb
  • The filler will then be injected into the area using a tiny needle to administer the hyaluronic acid under the skin

What follows the treatment?

One of the great things about dermal fillers is that for most the treatment requires no down time, however, you will most likely experience some minimal swelling and bruising in the area in the first few days following the treatment. Dr. Jack advises that his clients use arnica gel or cream to treat the area, this should be applied gently and the area shouldn’t be rubbed or massaged, Dr. Jack will cover all this in your appointment so you can be sure what to do after the treatment.

What about side effects?

Apart from the minor bruising and swelling mentioned above the risk of side effects from filler treatments are very low.

How long will fillers last?

Dermal fillers can last up to 12 months which is one of the many aspects that make them such a popular treatment. The filler is gradually reabsorbed by the body and this is why treatments do need to be topped up. Dr. Jack recommends that patients repeat their treatment after a year to maintain the results that dermal fillers can provide.

Interested in dermal fillers with Dr. Jack or just want to find out more? Get in touch or see the treatments and pricing page for prices here

Clients say- ‘I had dermal fillers done by Dr. Jack, with great results! He also answered all my questions and concerns, and was very helpful. Couldn’t recommend more.’- Masson

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