Why Choose us

When it comes to aesthetic medicine how do you go about choosing the clinic that is right for you? For many aesthetic medicine is a whole new world, and if we are not armed with the information we need it can be difficult to make a confident decision.

Dr. Jack is transparent about the services offered and welcomes any questions that will help you make an informed decision.

Here’s why many of Dr. Jack’s patients choose to visit his clinic on more than one occasion-

  • Dr. Jacks clinic is discreetly located in a central London location, just a few minutes walk from well known department store Harrods. Dr. Jack understands discretion is something that is very important to many of his patients and ensures maximum discretion is made possible.
  • At his clinic Dr. Jack offers a fully personal service, looking after all his patients needs himself, proving answers to any questions they might have, providing the treatments himself and always ensuring his clients are completely happy with the end result. When being treated at Dr. Jacks clinic you can be sure you are being treated by an expert and true professional.
  • Dr. Jack trained for several years in plastic surgery in the NHS. He has extensive experience of facial anatomy, (including a first class honours degree in anatomy), which enables him to master the advanced techniques in facial aesthetics. He has six years experience in facial aesthetics along side years of experience working for the NHS.
  • Dr. Jack believes in the use of aesthetic medicine to create subtle enhancements. He aims to produce excellent natural looking results and avoids the ‘had work done’ look.
  • In all his treatments Dr. Jack only uses premium products which are the best available in the market. He prides himself on offering the best quality treatments.
  • Dr. Jack ensures appointments are never rushed. It is important to him that plenty of time is available to discus the patients needs, gaining a full understanding of their expectations before treating them, and then ensuring they are completely happy with the end result. At the clinic appointments are never rushed and customer satisfaction is paramount.
  • Consultations are always offered free by Dr. Jack, many other clinics request a deposit which can be then put towards treatments, but with Dr. Jack there is no obligation to book in after a consultation and no deposit is necessary.

Clients say: I have had Botox twice with doctor David Jack, and I have been thoroughly impressed both times with the results and his professionalism. I was scared about having Botox as I have a phobia of needles but he made me feel totally at ease. I have had so many compliments on how good it looked and most importantly how natural it looks. I also liked the fact that the clinic is so discreet and clean. I will definitely be booking in with him again and I will recommended him to all my friends. He truly is a very talented man!!’ -Tasha