5 Things To Consider When Having Botox

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There can be much anticipation around having Botox– after all, it can be a fulfilling treatment. However, with any non- surgical cosmetic treatments, there are a lot of things to consider prior to treatment. In today’s blog post, we’ll be covering five things to consider when having anti-wrinkle injections.

1. How much are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle prices vary greatly depending on a number of factors including:

  • Location
  • Dosage
  • Reputation
  • Number of areas needing treatment
  • Areas requiring treatment

Tip: Generally, you will pay for what you get so always be wary of practitioners who offer ‘cheap’ Botox injections.

2. Choose a qualified practitioner that you can trust

Once you’ve had Botox, there’s no turning back. Needles are involved. Your research into finding a suitable practitioner should include a) appropriate qualifications b) licenses and c) recommendations.

Tip: All three go hand in hand so don’t miss any out.

3. Know the risks relating to Botox injections

Every medical procedure has a risk factor and Botox injections are no exception. Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment and there has been no fatal incidents recorded. Although, a good cosmetic practitioner will always discuss potential side effects and risks so you’re fully aware of them before proceeding.

Tip: Remember, by choosing your cosmetic practitioner carefully, you’re more likely to avoid any botched up Botox injections!

4. Do your homework

Research, research and research some more. The more you know, the better your time under the needle. Botox has been used for cosmetic purposes for over 10 years and is a muscle relaxer.

The medical uses for Botox however, have been going since the 1990’s for a range of things such as:

  • Bladder issues
  • Eye Twitching
  • Sweating

Tip: The most important thing to learn is the best kind of Botox is one which doesn’t give you the frozen look – less is more.

5. Be realistic about Botox

Botox is a wonderful cosmetic treatment however it does have its limits. It’s not magic. It’s science.

Generally it takes up 3 days before you can see the start of the results and up to 10 days for the finished results. It lasts up to 6 months but every individual is different.

It’s wise to talk to your practitioner about this and they’ll give you as much information as they can.

Tip: Having realistic expectations of Botox means you won’t be disappointed or confused.

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